100 Watt Bluetooth Stage Dj Speakers

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Product Details

Quick Details:    

Quick Details

Place of Origin:Tianjin, China (Mainland)

Model Number:SP-25


speaker dviver:12'+3"

Sensitivity:92 dB ±3 dB


Tweeter:34mm titanium film


Product Name:100 watt bluetooth stage dj speakers


factroy: speaker manufacturer

F25M (1)

Product Introduction:

This 100 watt bluetooth stage dj speakers, the sound quality is very good, will not change the original sound quality, will not break the sound, with wide frequency response, high sensitivity, high power, curve balance, phase accuracy, etc., with amplifier, preamp After that, the "phase is consistent, the frequency response curve is balanced and natural" is maintained. The subjective listening feeling is bright, clear, soft and true and natural during playback.

The 100 watt bluetooth stage dj speakers has a wide frequency response, which is strong in expression; high sensitivity, easy to push; high power, more stable and safe; curve balance, phase connection is reasonable and appropriate, it will not be due to energy internal friction And distortion occurs. In this way, various sounds can be reproduced naturally and naturally, and the sound is rich in layers, good in separation, bright and clear and soft. In addition to being easy to push, the sound with high sensitivity and high power is more important, and the maximum sound pressure level in the stable safe state range is guaranteed. Only the driver with less power can obtain the required sound pressure level. 

100 watt bluetooth stage dj speakers (2)

Our Services:

Welcome to vist our factory,we will pick you up to vist our company!

Delivery: we can book container and arrange shipment with very good price.

Warranty:1 years.and 1% spare parts(including Mainboard,power board,remote control,speaker,carton box)

After sale service:If there are any damages of our trolley speaker,you can make a video of the problem.then we will check and make compensation.

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