High Quality Mini Portable Amplifier Speaker

High Quality Mini Portable Amplifier Speaker

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Product Details



Wood Speaker with USB/TF/AUX & FM kalaok/Radio&bluetooth
1.Multifunctional decoder chip, play MP3 format music,
2.With FM raido function;FM frequency range:87.5-108MHz
3.Support U disk/TF card for 16G at most
4.Built-in rechargeable li-battery.(1200MAH)
5.MINI  audio input

High quality mini portable amplifier  speaker

Technical Parameters:


output power:5W

Loud speaker:4in*1, 3Ω

Signal and noise ratio:≥78dB


Sound effects:bitone horn


1. 3.5mm stereo connect cable;
2.USB Charging Cable cable
3.remote control

Packing information:

product size: 18.0*14.0*27.0cm

color box size: 19.0*17.5*29.5CM

CTN size: 54.5*40.0*32.0   CM


N.W./G.W.:7.5/8.5 kgs

Failure analysis:
Speaker system is an important part of audio equipment, usually by speaker, frequency divider, box, sound-absorbing materials, etc.The failure rate of speaker system is low, and the types of failures are few.
1.The connection of the speaker is broken or the frequency divider is abnormal.After the connection of the speaker box is broken, there is no excitation voltage in the speaker unit, which will cause silent failure.The frequency divider is generally not easy to break the line, but may occur lead joint unsoldering, frequency divider capacitor short circuit and other faults.
2.Voice coil is broken.A multimeter R 1 can be used to measure the solder of the speaker lead wire. If the resistance value is infinity, the sealing paint of the lead wires at both ends of the voice coil can be scraped open with a knife to expose the bare copper wire and then measured.If the measurement has been passed and there is a "click" sound, it indicates that the voice coil lead is broken, the lead can be soldered, and another section of enameled wire close to the voice coil winding can be soldered.
3.The speaker lead is broken.Because the speaker bowl vibrates frequently, the braided wire is easy to break, sometimes the wire has broken, but the cotton core wire still remains connected.This braided thread is not readily obtainable and can be replaced with slightly longer soft wire.
4.Voice coil burned.The speaker wire is measured with a multimeter R x 1 ", if the resistance is close to 0 Ω, and no "raise price" sound, suggests that voice coil burned.Before you replace the voice coil, should remove impurities in the magnetic gap, and then carefully put new voice coil in the magnetic gap, rotary's pronunciation, listening while with super glue and fixed position of the voice coil and, after waiting for voice coil placed in the best position, use super glue to fill the clearance between the paper cone and voice coil to about half, finally sealed dust cover, the loudspeaker paper cone up, place a day after can be normal use.

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High quality mini portable amplifier  speaker (3).jpg

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