Great Acoustic Music Drum Sets

Great Acoustic Music Drum Sets

Model Number: AS5A-1062 Unique color professional 5pcs Lacquer drum set with high quality parts.

Product Details

Model Number: AS5A-1062 

5-pcs High grade lacquer finish drum set 

Birch shell Drums: 22"×18" 10-lug 

Bass Drum 16"×16" 8-lug 

Floor Tom 14"×5.5" 8-lug 

Snare Drum 12"×10" 6-lug 

TomTom 10"×9" 6-lug 

Wood: Maple.    

Pipe Diameter: 28mm

Energy comes with all of the hardware needed to get the aspiring drummer started, including a bass drum pedal, Hihart stand, snare stand and boom cymbal stand

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