Black Color Star 5-Piece Drum Sets

Black Color Star 5-Piece Drum Sets

We are wholesalers, manufacturers and suppliers of black color Star 5-Piece Drum sets. Our products are from 10 pieces, if you need, please feel free to contact us, thank you.

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This amazing value drum kit ticks all the boxes for a fantastic starter kit!

Full-size drum kit with bass drum, 2 x tom toms, snare drum, floor tom, tom tom holders, cymbals (2 x 14″ hi-hats, 1 x 16″ crash), cymbal stand, snare stand and hi hat stand, bass pedal, stool & pair of drum sticks.

2 x tom toms

snare drum

floor tom

tom tom holders

cymbals (2 x 14″ hi-hats, 1 x 16″ crash)

cymbal stand

snare stand

hi hat stand

bass pedal


pair of drum sticks.


Excellent Birthday/Holiday Gift

Punchy Poplar Shells

Shallow Toms for Easy Setup

Double-Braced Hardware Included

Cymbals Included

Play Right Out of the Box


black color Star 5-Piece Drum sets  is designed to get young drummers hitting the practice room as soon as possible! These types of drum sets make excellent presents for birthdays or holidays. The 20" bass drum on this model is smaller than the 22" model, making it less loud and easier to play quickly.

Made with punchy poplar shells, these drums have lots of lugs (6 on the toms, 8 on the bass and snare) to make tuning faster and easier - nothing sounds worse than untuned drums. The shells on the toms are shallower than professional models, making it easy to position them in exactly the right place.

The bass drum is equipped with telescoping, retractable feet that keep everything firmly planted with lots of adjustability. This drum set is available in three colors: Black, Dark Red, and Royal Blue.

Besides the drums, you also get a full set of hardware with strong double-braced legs! That includes one each of the followin.

Straight Cymbal Stand

Snare Drum Stand

Hi Hat Stand

Bass Drum Pedal



Not only that, but black color Star 5-Piece Drum sets is also gonna throw in a 16" crash cymbal and a pair of 14" hi hat cymbals - that way you can play right out of the box!

black color Star 5-Piece Drum Kits

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