5 Pcs Drum Set For Beginner

5 Pcs Drum Set For Beginner

As one of the most professional 5 pcs drum set for beginner manufacturers and suppliers in China, we bring here high quality musical instruments with good price. Welcome to buy bulk Acoustic Drum Sets for sale here from our factory.

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Product Details

Product Description:


6-ply shell PVC cover


22〞×16〞16lug bass drum

16〞×16〞12lug floor tom

13〞×10〞10lug tom tom

12〞× 9〞10lug tom tom

14〞×5.5〞12lug snare drum

 Inspires a Lifetime of Music Making
The 5 pcs drum set for beginner authentic feel inspires rookie drummers to start a lifetime of music making. Complete with tunable heads, cymbals, a hi-hat stand, and a junior-sized throne, this drum kit comes with everything you need to get started. Its 16" bass drum is the perfect size for mounting the 12" and 10" toms, which makes assembling this drum set easy. This compact drum kit is a great learning tool for beginners and is built to withstand years of rocking out. If you've got a pint-sized drummer, the 5 pcs drum set for beginner is a great way to go!

5 Pcs Drum Set For Beginner of maintenance method:
The plastic cover
Some of the middle and lower end drums are covered with a plastic surface for decoration, which is easy to clean.Whether it's sniffles, drools, vomit or blood stains, you can wash them with soap on a towel soaked in warm water.Any detergent that contains ammonia can remove the shine from the coating, so it's best not to use it.Also be careful not to use any abrasive cleaner or wipes such as steel wool.
The lacquer that bake
The cleaning method is the same as the plastic surface.You can use furniture care wax or guitar polish to keep your paint polished.Also be careful not to wear something abrasive on such gold objects.
Lock wrench
Locking wrenches on parts such as cymbals can become less slippery over time, so to get them back to work, unscrew them and apply some vaseline or machine oil to the threads.Be careful not to use contact revives such as WD40, which dissolve the oil and instantly dry out.
The high hats and the pedals of the gauntlets, where you need to move regularly, need to be lubricated at intervals so that they stay in good motion.If some springs are squeaky, you need to replace them.You'd better have some spare parts.But now the parts are very expensive to buy.So we advise you to maintain the parts well, which will save a lot of money.If you care about your drums, your drums will be in good condition and sound, like some drums from the 1970s that are still in good condition today.

5 pcs drum set for beginner

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