What Is The Use Of The Guitar Tuner?
- Sep 02, 2018 -

How is the guitar tuned?

Tuning is to tune the guitar to the right pitch. If you use a tuner, you will usually tune it with an empty string. In the case of standard tone, the light on the screen of the tuner is correct (no lifting sign).


The tuner screen displays a sound name, so be sure to be very clear about the pitch of the sound name.

The name C, D, E, F, G, A, B

Do re mi fa sol la si

Tucked the tuner to the neck, the screen to start tuning can see, if metronome with M/T hold 3 seconds to switch to tune up the screen, under the environment of many people play the guitar tunings required the tuner with cables and fetched up the guitar, each a metronome with such connections, and then put the clamps hold to neck can start tuning.

When the metronome switches to the tuning mode, the pure tuner is usually clamped on the piano head.

Use a connecting line in a multiplayer environment

Let's start with the first string of the guitar. The first note is the sound of mi, and the sound name of mi is E. The green light is the standard note in the case of E (no lifting sign can be used at this time). 

So this is high or low out of standard mi. The answer is low.

What do you do when it's low?

When the sound is low, that is, when the needle is on the left, we need to tighten the corresponding knob counterclockwise a little bit, and watch the change of the needle slowly, until the green light is displayed.Like a string, show E the needle in the left position (figure 2-1), tighten the knob at this time, until the needle until middle green, more than the green light on the right side of the red light shows that the sound is high when some needle under the right tone or low, for example we adjust a string should be displayed E son but after screen D pin on the right side (figure 2-3) this time of the needle position is low status.

What about pitch?

In the case of the standard note, the needle indicates the note is high on the right, and the corresponding string is twisted back (clockwise).Until the green light comes on.

The remaining 23456 strings should be adjusted by themselves in the same way. Some poor quality strings will break before the standard tone, so don't screw too much all at once.

The empty string of 2 strings is tuned to "B".

The empty string of 3 strings is tuned to "G"

The empty string of 4 strings is tuned to "D"

The empty string of 5 strings is tuned to "A".

The empty string of 6 strings is tuned to "E"

After tuning from 1 to 6 strings, you can tune from 1 of 6 strings, because the string that just tuned the standard notes is easy to run and needs to be tuned more.Even if the best strings are tuned over time, they will still run, so it is helpful to adjust the standard tone before each practice.Look at some of the video's that the master plays, and we'll see that the master plays with his own tuning, and we have to get into the habit of tuning before we play.Above is the guitar channel training center provided about tuning content.


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