What Is A Cello?
- Jun 21, 2018 -

The history of the cello dates back to the end of the 16th century and evolved from a 15th century instrument called "bass Viols" or "Knee Viols".

Viols is not as big as the cello, and the arc is not so obvious, but it can be sandwiched between knees and played like a cello in Sanla. The cello was originally spelled violoncello in Italian and later gradually shortened to cello. The cello is famous for its warm and rich timbre and is one of the most common musical instruments in the symphony orchestra.

Fit to play a variety of roles: sometimes joined the bass camp, in the low voice of a heavy sigh, sometimes with the middle of two strings to play the role of the rhythm of the backbone. The most glorious moment of the cello is the mission of the composer to give it the melody of a song. The whole cello set has a fantastic melody that dwarfs any other instrument in the orchestra.


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