The Structure Of The Electric Guitar
- Jun 21, 2018 -

An electric guitar from the area to see, by the head, neck, piano body composition (there are also a few electric guitar without the head of the structure design, this situation requires a separate device).

All the components that make up the electric guitar include: Wooden Structure (piano body, Jean Neck, harp head), Metal parts (tuning knob, piano bridge, neck adjustment steel bar, crank, piano pillow, etc.), electrical components (pickup, knob, when the switch, 6.35mm interface, circuit and the electronic components, etc.), strings, and other auxiliary components.

Strings Electric guitars generally think that there are 6 strings, the highest chord (the most fine chord) is considered 1 strings, the lowest chord (the most coarse chord) is considered as 6 strings.

The pitch of an electric guitar string is determined by the 3 elements of the vibration: effective chord length, tension on the string, material. Materials, depending on the choice of the strings, but due to the standardization of the appearance of the general difference in the impact of the strings on the pitch is not much, often can be adjusted to achieve the same, and the overtone has varying degrees of influence, which is different strings will provide different timbre of the reason.


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