The Difference Between Acoustic Guitar And Classical Guitar
- Oct 11, 2018 -

A folk guitar is a plucked instrument that is similar in shape to a violin and usually has six strings. It was originally an accompanying instrument of country music in the western United States. It is usually used as a accompaniment to songs, with American country music as the main theme. He is regarded as a popular instrument in pop music, rock music, blues, and folk songs. Also used in classical music, there are a large number of solo pieces, occasionally used in chamber music orchestras.

acoustic guitar .jpg

Classical guitar is a musical instrument based on nylon strings (100 years ago for the gut) that was formed more than 200 years ago. First of all, from the perspective of the instrument: the structure of the classical guitar is significantly different from other instruments (the flamenco guitar, the guitar, the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar, etc.). Secondly, from the playing method: the classical guitar is dominated by solo. A certain amount of ensembles, concertos, etc.; direct finger playing (do not use picks and other objects) combined with a variety of special playing skills; from the performance of music: classical guitars are mainly classical music, taking into account a certain amount of modern Classic music. The delicate and varied sound, rich multi-voice and sound performance ability can interpret the music of different periods and different styles and different nationalities.

classical guitar.jpg


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