Electric Guitar Features To Buy
- Jun 21, 2018 -

Check appearance: To see if the guitar neck is straight, the appearance of the cracks, especially attention to the neck and piano connection. Intonation check: The electric guitar into a standard syllable breaks, you can first use the tune, adjust the string should pay attention to whether the string is firmly around the axis of the reel string.

After the first time after the application of the hand after a few chord, and then the school sound, repeated several times, check whether the quality and normal quality of the same, press the string is relaxed.

Check the noise size: imported brands of electric guitars are generally good strings, test the piano as far as possible to wipe the string has been rusty, and then the electric guitar to a better guitar-specific speakers, the hands do not touch the string when the noise is the smaller the better.

Finally check the keyboard accessories are complete. It is very important to buy the brand name, the first from the appearance to see whether beautiful, texture, and from a rational point of view the most important is the wood. It can be judged by the color, texture, etc. of the wood. Commonly used to make the body of wood is probably Ash, alder, Mahogany, basswood, Maple and so on.


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