Electric Guitar Category
- Jun 21, 2018 -

To divide by structure The handle was locked with four screws on the piano.

This kind of piano is represented by Fender. The handle is bonded to the piano body with glue.

This kind of piano is represented by Gibson. The handle of the piano is in the end, and the body is sandwiched by two pieces of wood.

This kind of harp to carvin out more, esp early also have a lot of, but the increase in costs, perhaps the difficulty of making technology, has been less seen.

The piano body can be folded and disassembled by the travel guitar, which is represented by ALP.

To divide by material

Refers to the material of the board: in addition to a few synthetic materials, can be divided into maple (maple), Rosewood (Rosewood, also known as Rose Wood), and ebony (Ebony).

The material of the neck: most of them are maple and mahogany (mahogany). Jean stature: This is much. The vast majority of Fender forms of the guitar with Red Poplar (alder), some with lime wood (basswood), the vast majority of the Gibson form of the guitar with mahogany above a maple tree. Bai Yangmu (poplar) is very similar to the Red Poplar (alder), so it is often used; ash wood (Ash) is often used as a piano body; In recent years there have been some metal guitars.


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