Black Keyboard Soft Case

The main fabric of this Black keyboard soft case is made of environment-friendly top grade Oxford fabric, with shoulder straps, portable straps, external file bags, external power bags, orange car lines, and EPE interlayer

Product Details

Product features: 

color black, beautiful, durable, lightweight, portable and convenient, large capacity, thick sponge, process refinement, wear resistance, quality assurance.

Outer bag design:
The Black keyboard soft case has a separate accessory bag and can be equipped with a power battery and other accessories.
Adjustable shoulder strap

It can be adjusted and carried according to your comfort.

Black keyboard soft case (2).jpg

Score package:
The piano contains a music package that can carry multiple scores, portable, and large capacity.

116-4R 1.jpg


  • Do not open the keyboard case and try to disassemble the part, and do not make any internal changes. If there is a malfunction in use, please stop using it and have it repaired by qualified staff.

  • Turn off all power before connecting the keyboard to other devices. Adjust the pitch to a minimum.

  • Do not use different types of batteries at the same time. Do not mix old and new batteries. When the battery is low, the volume will decrease and the sound quality will deteriorate. You should replace the battery with a new one.

  • Do not expose the keyboard to dusty, vibrating, low-temperature or high-temperature environments (such as direct sunlight, heating, etc.) to avoid damage and damage to internal components.

  • Unplug the adapter before cleaning the keyboard body. Do not remove the adapter with wet hands. Wipe it with a dry, soft cloth.

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