What kind of guitar is suitable for guitar beginners to choose?
- Oct 16, 2018 -

In recent years, more and more people have joined the team of guitars, not only because the guitar is small and easy to carry, but also because it is easy to perform, and it is easier to learn without much difficulty. So for guitar beginners, it is very important to choose which kind of guitar is suitable for you. A bad guitar has a great influence on beginners, which not only affects the learning efficiency of beginners, but also Let the beginner guitarist go astray and even lose interest in the guitar.


First of all, when we choose the guitar, we try to choose it in the store. Because the guitar is selected on the Internet, we can only see the guitar on the photo, but it is not able to identify the guitar sound and the contrast of the hand. Therefore, if it is qualified, it is not recommended. Buy guitar online, it is best to pick it up in the store.

Secondly, the selection of guitars is mainly from the guitar's tone, materials, workmanship, design and feel. It is the easiest to judge in the design of the appearance. The body type is a relatively petite type. When choosing the size of the guitar, don't choose 40-inch or 41-inch. Consider 38-inch or less. If you are a piano student, the 36-inch guitar is also a good choice. Therefore, the size of the guitar is best in line with its own body shape, can not be too big, or too small, has a certain impact on the piano.

Then it is to judge the sound of the guitar. The six strings of the guitar are different. There are high-pitched mid-range and bass, but good guitar sounds should be high-pitched and clear without disturbing sound. The treble is crisp and bright, the bass should be a heavy guitar, and it is a good guitar. Some poor quality guitars do not perform well on the sound. For example, there are a lot of noises and mixes or the high and low sounds are not clear, which sounds confusing.

It is also relatively easy to judge the workmanship of the guitar. The six strings of the guitar and the fingerboard of the guitar, which we call the piano pitch, must not be too high, and the poor quality of the front pitch will be relatively high. This has a very serious consequence, that is, the guitar with too high pitch will bring great difficulties to the beginners of the guitar, greatly improve the difficulty of learning the piano, and affect the interest and motivation of the learners. In addition to the piano pitch, you can observe whether the guitar work is fine. At the joint of the board, there is no obvious crack or length of the section or feel the rough work of the guitar.

In the end, when we choose a guitar, it is best to choose with a few friends who understand music and guitar, so that you can avoid buying your own guitar. In general, a guitar that suits you can improve your piano efficiency. Conversely, if you choose a guitar that is not suitable for you or a poor quality guitar, you may go somewhere on your way to study. detour.


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