What is the basic structure of the drum?
- Nov 15, 2018 -

The drum set is composed of a bass drum, a cymbal, a military drum, a cymbal and a cymbal.
Bass drum:
Single hammerhead is played with the right foot, and double hammerhead is played alternately with both left and right feet.It is the main low frequency sound of jazz drum, used to highlight rhythm and incisions.When playing with military drums and cymbals, the basic rhythm frame is formed. Different dynamics and frequencies can express different rhythm styles.It is the core of jazz drum.
- hat hi-hat (Hi)
It is usually played with the left and right hands, sometimes alternating between the left and right hands.There are two main sounds of open cymbals and closed cymbals in the performance, which are mostly used for beat and decorative rhythm, while open cymbals are used for rendering and incision.It's used in almost every style.
Alternate left and right hands.There are usually three or four full tuning drums from high to low.Because of its obvious pitch, it is often used to match the pitch of other instruments, part of colorful or to add melody to the rhythm.
Snare (c2-style drum)
It is usually performed for the left hand. When the content is complex and varied, it is performed together or alternately with the left and right hand in solo recitals. There are a lot of striking ways and positions.As the main medium frequency sound in jazz drum, it determines the style of the whole drum.
Cymbal (Ride)
Usually played with the right hand, used to fix the beat and render the atmosphere.The tone of the cymbal is clear and crisp, the tone of the hat is bright.It plays a very important role in jazz.
(Crash Cymbal)
Alternate playing with left and right hands. Strike the edge of the cymbal with a hammer, usually with a bass drum, when the accent is intense.Use a gavel to soften the air.

advantage fusion 5-piece drum set


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