What is a drum?
- Jun 21, 2018 -

Drum drums, Drums of jazz, is a very important percussion instrument in the Jazz band, it is usually made up of a pedal bass drum (bass Drum, also known as "bottom Drum"), a snare, two or more Tong Tong drums (Tom-Tom Drum), one or two hanging cymbals (Crash cymbal), A rhythmic cymbals (Ride cymbal) and a pedal-stepped cymbals (hi-hat) are composed of parts. Of course, sometimes because of playing need to add some such as cow bell, wooden fish, sand hammer, triangular iron, hanging bell, no matter how many additional devices, are played by one person. The drummer hit the parts with his drumsticks to make it sound.

The commonly used drumsticks in jazz are wooden drums, drum brushes made of steel wire, bundles of sticks of fine wooden strips, etc. The drum formed in the 1940s, it contains a variety of different types, different timbre of the hand-percussion instruments and foot-percussion instruments. Hand-percussion instruments have a drum, tong drums, hanging cymbals and so on, foot-percussion instruments have bass drums, step cymbals. On this basis, according to the needs of performance, can be added to add percussion instruments at any time. In the band the drummer grasps the music the speed and the rhythm and so on important link, especially in the Jazz, the drummer especially needs to maintain the tacit cooperation with other musicians the state.


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