The world's top ten acoustic guitar brands
- Jan 17, 2019 -

United States

MarTin (Martin)

The world's recognized best musical instrument company is also the oldest of the current acoustic guitars. It started in 1833 and is also a family business. It has been passed down for six generations. The piano is definitely nothing to say, but after all, all family businesses have the same The problem is that the development is slow, there is not much innovation, and the era of its classic model (D28) is gone forever, but the stability of Martin's tone is unsurpassed.


Beginning in 1974, it was the same as Martin, and it was developed in the form of a company. It used the most advanced technology to practice on the guitar. The NT neck and the ES pickup system didn’t come before the ancients, so now everyone It should be understood why so many world star performers use Taylor's guitar, the reason is here.

Gibson (Gipson)

Needless to say, only producing high-end acoustic guitars, the company's electric guitar is also among the best in the world, and every guitarist wants to have a Gibson.



The world's first panel made of carbon fiber material weighs only one-third of the weight of ordinary spruce, and its strength is several times higher. It is characterized by grape sound holes.


This brand may not be familiar to everyone, but Oshio Taro (Japanese-style finger bomb master) everyone should know, the tail of the individual currently has collected ten of these pianos, basically all the recordings of the tail are completed by the piano of this brand, the most classic The model D-45 can compete with Martin's tone during World War II, and some models even surpass. Combining the advantages of Martin and Gippson, it is really a luxury in handmade guitars, and the local gods can pass by.


This piano is more interesting than the eastman piano. One is the senior luthier from the Taylor factory, and the other is the stove, which means that he has always imitated Taylor, but never surpassed it.


Eastman (Eastman)

Like the nature of Braun, the senior luthiers from the Martin factory specialize in the sound and shape of Martin that came out during World War II, and the jazz guitar of this brand is remarkable.

Santa cruz

It started in 1968, although the start time is not very early, but the brand is still very bullish b, where is the cow, there is only one general piano maker, but the team of the brand is the master of the piano, they combine guitar development Nearly two hundred knowledge and experience is practice, pursuing a better tone balance and tone. Enthusiasts and local tyrants can be considered.

Dream voice

Founded in 1962, the high-end handmade custom piano. The biggest feature of this brand is that the sound source is very well processed, and it is worthwhile for the musicians who pursue the sound.


Ayers (Ayers)

Ayers Guitar USA headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, was established in 1989, strictly speaking, the company's characteristics, that is, each ayer's guitar has a lifetime warranty, 60 days return, haha this welfare if in China sure....

Andrew whit

The second-line high-end hand-made piano in the United States (similar to the position of the newly-launched Li guitar in China) is very beautiful in appearance. Personally, it is quite like, and the designers are inspired by the classical mythological goddess. The tone is not bad, certainly not bad.

There are other US brands with different price points, such as Doolin, Froggy, Bottom, Grimes, HGLeach, Huss & Dalton, Klein, McAllister, Mcpherson, Tippin, Wechter, Everett, Guild, Tacoma, etc. Brand.


Morris (Morris)

Japan’s best-made hand-made brand was founded in the 1970s by Mr. Toshio Moridaira. Since he had previously worked with Gippson, he was fortunate enough to visit the factory in Gippson, and he made up his mind to put the Japanese guitar in the same position. Martin and Gippson's advantages, positioning high-end, in 1978 to absorb the advantages of ovation, in one fell swoop to put their own brand positioning, the Japanese fingerstyle masters Nakagawa Sandman and Takasuke Daisuke and other masters use this brand.



Beginning in 1978, the concept of electric box piano was introduced, and the original soundchoice pre-stage system made it easy for a xylophone to have several sounds. For those brands with their own innovative things, personally like it.

Kawashima (Kawashima)

Canadian luthier, born in a Japanese violin family, used to be roland, takemine foundry, handmade brand, and there is not much information available online.

Syairi (Yaili)

Lost into the coward, founded in 1938, to tell the truth, when the piano was introduced to China, it was really like a tornado. It was all over and crazy. At that time, I personally felt that the appearance of the piano was very harmonious, very beautiful, and the sound was touched. Also not bad, the key is that the price is also very suitable, so good things, especially the guitar, everyone feels good is really good, but maybe the black horse is like this, come fast, go fast, so I When I think of the domestic (Lavis), I am also worried that I will go through the same mistakes. However, I can still see the guitar of Yali in the market, and I feel that I have not returned to the past.


YAMAHA (Yamaha)

Here I want to say another brand together. The two brands of Korea Sanyi are made by piano, so I just want to say that there are many acoustic guitars that like these two brands.


Lakewood (Lake Wude)

In the beginning there was a name...'Lakewood'. It is also the world's top acoustic guitar brand, using semi-manual, semi-mechanical production, said to produce only 750 wooden guitars per year, in order to guarantee the quality of each Lakewood. About this piano, I think everyone has a desire to understand, because our guitar genius Zheng Chenghe uses this piano, and everyone is interested in its history, you can check its official website, personally played, feels not as imaginary High-end is so good, Zheng Chenghe's hardcore fans are worth having.


Herbert. St. Gore founded the Rodgau Rocco handmade guitar brand in 1958. At the beginning of the war, he worked for Stevens and Larson Bros. The sound balance and graininess were very good. The enthusiasts who pursued sound and high-end quality could be “luxury”.

Czech Republic


From the Nordic instrument kingdom Czech Republic, the national treasure brand, founded in 1989, looks simple and elegant, exquisite workmanship, thick and strong sounds like low-key luxury players can consider.



The characteristics of this piano and the concept of making the piano are particularly interesting. Jean larrive said that we would use the wood to work with the FSC (Forest Protection Association) to selectively cut down, plant trees by ourselves, and make a piano in the forest. It is interesting. It can be seen that the period of the larrivee piano is very long. The piano is definitely good and expensive. Larrivee and his two brands Morgan and Thompson both produce higher-grade medium and high-end acoustic guitars. Just as their company's own positioning is "the guitar luxury that everyone can afford" haha is interesting.



It is no stranger to play the electric piano. The acoustic guitar brand seagull (seagull) Simon is also a very good good piano. There are very few good companies that make electric guitars and acoustic guitars. It is not bad.



Lowden's official website is described as such, lowden's steel guitar sound has the taste of nylon guitar string guitar, and the strength and graininess of the steel string. I am very curious about the tone and feel of the guitar. In fact, the lowden piano has not been touched yet. Big God has a small singer to watch, and guitar enthusiasts who are pursuing individual sounds can think about it.


Maton (toilet)

This piano must be familiar to everyone like lakewood. The piano is not as good as we think, but it is all complex. It also reflects the true heart of the guitarist and the charm of the spokesperson. There are such friends around because Tommy only bought this piano, I really admire, personally maintain a neutral attitude, but here I want to talk about it is that the piano spokesperson Tommy may have not played the fingering people who are still strange but have touched the finger bombs for Tommy must be Sincere admiration. I have the privilege of watching the performance of the old man on the spot. I just want to say that I was shocked. A 60-year-old man can play guitar like this on the stage. As a young person, we are really jealous. You can not understand this piano. But the legend of Tomy's father, I think it will be a new understanding for everyone who has touched the guitar.



American jack westheimer 45 years of piano making career came to Asia to cooperate with the Korean park family, invested in the formation of Yoo-A company, this is the predecessor of cort, and then produced electric guitar, wooden guitar will not comment.


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