The playing skill of the accordion
- Jun 21, 2018 -

Accordion playing requires both hands to participate, and in practice, the tip of the finger constantly with the keyboard and portals to carry out different speed, different time to contact, this will increase the nerve endings and brain information transmission opportunities, finger muscle control ability is also improved, over time, the left brain and the right brain information processing capacity will be greatly enhanced,

Increased responsiveness, more flexible fingers, and regular exercise will improve both hands and the body's ability to coordinate. When reading the spectrum and simultaneously playing the video, the attention also increases, the attention increases, and the memory ability increases. In addition, when the piano is making a sound, the ear will hear the sound signal passed to the brain, the brain needs to correct the sound, the volume is appropriate, the length of the note is consistent with the requirements of the music, and so quickly to make a judgment, so practice the accordion also makes the eyes, brain, fingers and upper limb muscles synchronized reaction ability gradually become faster , the speed of thinking is also accelerated. With the degree of deepening, the ability to perform, imagination and expression will be enriched accordingly.


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