The history of drum set
- Nov 13, 2018 -

The origin of
Originating in the United States, the drum set is a set of percussion instruments mainly composed with drums. It is played by one person and is specially accompanied by jazz at the beginning.The word "jazz" does not refer to the honours of the British royal family, but to the name of an early black American musician, Sir Bo brown.Early jazz was the music form of American lowlife entertaining themselves, and when the famous black musician played, people often shouted excitedly, "jazz, one more!"Later, the music got its name from the black singer.It's traditionally called "jazz."
A jazz drum looked like a series of drums on a shelf, and the drummer played with a swagger and a cadence of three-dimensional drumming.In China, people call it "ganzi drum" according to its appearance, and the performance of "ganzi drum" is commonly known as "ganzi drum".
The earliest drum set was very simple, except for a large drum, a small drum, and an army cymbal.The people set up a large drum on the ground, set up a small drum, kicked the drum with their feet, put a stick on the ground, hung a military cymbal.In the mid-19th century, at the end of the American civil war, singing and dancing blacks acquired Musical Instruments from disbanded armies.The gifted negroes, such as the cymbals and cymbals (which became almost the dominant instrument in jazz), combined the various cymbals to form the young of the drum.They place large drums on the floor and have a pedal to move them.Put the small drum and the military cymbals on both sides of the big drum.This allows one person to operate multiple percussion instruments simultaneously.Later through development, improvement, gradually evolved into the modern drum.As jazz evolved.As the drummer's technology improved, the humble device could no longer meet the needs of the band and the drummer, so several small drums with no sound were gradually added to the percussion combination. They banged and banged to each other beautifully, and they were later named "thum-tom" after the sound they made.The traditional Chinese name is "bang-bang drum", because the type of the bang-bang drum is very similar to the bucket, and some people also call it "bang-bang drum".With the development of jazz, the clipped cymbal was added.Until the development of sound system, easy to operate, with two drums, eight sides, eight sides of the world percussion instruments.

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