The difference between an electric piano and an electronic one?
- Oct 23, 2018 -

Digital piano

Also known as "electric piano", as the name suggests, there are many "digital" function, make it not only realize the realistic image of the traditional piano, with mechanical piano fully functional, but also has the unique variety of timbre, storage memory, modulation, mixing, metronome function, and a MIDI interface, headphones, microphone interface, etc., has realized the piano the combination of traditional technology and modern high-tech.Electric piano is 88 keys in general, with a full-weight keyboard, mainly piano tone.

Electronic organ

1.A keyboard instrument, in fact, is an electronic synthesizer.The commonly used electronic organ is composed keyboard (with automatic accompaniment) and synthesizer (without automatic accompaniment).Electronic piano is 61 keys, no weight keyboard, to the main automatic accompaniment

Electric piano and piano similar, good electric piano feel, tone and ordinary piano very little difference.Beginners often do not quite understand the difference between electric steel and piano.

The relation between the two: electronic piano includes electronic piano (digital piano), more use five-line, high and low double line notation.Sometimes also used the middle tone spectrum and simple, guitar spectrum.

2. Different principles

Although both the electric piano and the piano have 88 keys, the number of pedals is the same (the pedal of the electric piano can be either single pedal or three pedal, depending on the configuration of the piano), but the electric piano is the sensing sound of electronic components.The piano USES mechanical transmission to strike the strings with a hammer to produce vibration and sound with air as the medium.

From the perspective of timbre discrimination, electric pianos are all piano sound sampling, which is fixed and relatively stable. They do not want to have any disordered sound and need tuning, etc. Generally, electric pianos are three-layer timbre sampling, and the price is around 3,000-5,000 yuan. The price discount is very suitable for beginners and small investment, such as KC8 and KA90B in yingchang.

Besides, electric pianos have high-end product 6-layer timbre sampling, and the price is relatively high, usually around 10,000, such as KC10U and KC10C of yingchang.But the relative timbre is very good, and there is no such problem as regulation, only need to be electrified to be more suitable for the person who has pursuit and regards music as hobby.

3.Different maintenance costs

Calculate the cost of pianos and electric pianos from daily consumption: electric pianos have no additional maintenance costs other than the power loss of speakers.Take the northern city as an example, the piano requires the humidifier to be opened every winter when the heating is available, and the piano needs to be tuned twice a year when the heating is stopped.

If there is no component loss, the average tuner will pay 200 to 250 yuan per year according to the current market price. If the hammer is scattered, the nails are thrown off the carpet and the strings are broken, the price will increase according to the damage degree.Every half year needs to check the camphor pill inside the piano, needs to replace the anti-insect pill in time.


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