The classification of percussion music
- Jun 21, 2018 -

Most percussion instruments have a certain sound, and even the sound of drums is certain.

But generally speaking, the category of percussion instruments is to see whether an instrument has a certain pitch. Timpani, xylophone, and steel pieces of the piano and so on have a certain pitch. Drum, bass drum, triangular iron and so on generally do not have a definite pitch. But some percussion instrument players determine their drums ' pitch before recording or performing special work. Gongs have a certain pitch and do not determine the pitch of the species, the western gongs generally have no definite pitch.

The cymbal also has a certain pitch, but it is rare.

Film-Ming musical instrument

Covered with a layer of film, percussion film produced sound, such as:

Timpani Drum bass drums and drums tambourine

Self-singing music

You can make sound, for example: Steel Piano xylophone Marlin vibrato piano tube clock fish triangle iron hanging cymbal cymbals cymbals gongs chime bells tambourine


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