The characteristics of percussion music
- Jun 21, 2018 -

Zhen Wu Chang four parts, the big gong with fixed pitch point of the decline of sound characteristics, small gongs with fixed pitch point of the upper sliding sound characteristics, cymbals with different pitches of the parallel sound characteristics. The combination of the integrated sound, can closely cooperate with the couplet four tones and rhythm, thus strengthening the music of the language. At the same time, in conjunction with the singing and musical instruments, both have unique color and function. In addition to the four pieces of Zhen Wu Chang, Beijing Opera also used a number of other percussion instruments, such as water cymbals, large cymbals, Zishing, small cymbals pot, wooden fish, clapper (or Guangdong board), Touch Bell (that is, Star-Star), Xiao Tang Gong, Yun Gong, large screen gong (large bass gong), large, small Dong, etc. It has also absorbed timpani, cymbals, cymbals and other percussion instruments. Percussion plays an important role in Beijing opera music and the whole drama stage.

Not only does it render the stage atmosphere, it plays an important role in adjusting the performance posture, cooperating with the rhythm of the language, mastering the rhythm and speed of the singing and accompaniment music and enriching the sound of the band, and playing a great part in the rhythm of the whole stage, which is driven by the rhythm and sound, runs through the whole play. In addition, in the Western orchestra percussion also played an extremely important role, the main musical instruments are timpani, army drums, small snare, marimba, vibrato, xylophone, army cymbals, triangular iron, tambourine and so on.


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