No matter who you are, to learn the piano, you must solve the following four questions.
- Dec 19, 2018 -

To learn a good piano, you must solve four levels of problems. This has nothing to do with the difficulty of playing the track. In other words, from the beginning of the beginning, regardless of the primary, intermediate, and advanced, you need to solve:


Level 1: Put the pair of bullets.

In short, "photographing bombs." These three words seem to be normal, and the substantive knowledge is very deep and deep. Many students don't like to watch the music. They don't figure out what to write on the spectrum. They are playing the piano in a typical sense. The scores are recorded on the score, score, speed, beat, overall expression, notes (pitch position), temporary lift number, rest, break or even, strong or weak, fingering, pedal, expression details, extension, and gradually Slow, wait. To see the spectrum accurately and accurately, it is the basic level to be done first.

Use the sentence to be honest: "Every sound written on the spectrum should be popped up. Don't touch the sound that is not written on the spectrum." Children, you can try it, can you do it?

Level 2: Expressed clearly and accurately.

After reading the correct reading, you need to clearly express the results of the reading with your fingertips. Playing the piano is a whole-hearted movement system: the eyes are to be seen; the ears are to be heard; the fingers are to move; the brain is to be thought; the heart is to sing.

The disconnection of any link will cause the overall performance to produce a "domino" effect, loosely collapsed. The so-called "smart", the eyes are clear, the ears are heard. The ears don't listen, the eyes don't look, it's not clear. All the information written on the spectrum is transmitted accurately, clearly, neatly and evenly through the contact between the fingertip and the key. It is the second level of playing the piano.

Level 3: Play well.

There are a lot of people who can play the piano now, and there are many people who can play the bullets quickly and loudly. But there are too few people who can play well. The sound should be "good". The first thing is to make the sound "live" and not to pop the "zombie" sound. The sound of zombie is like a fish that has been frozen for a few months in the refrigerator, and it is dead and dead, unable to move;

The live sound is like a live fish, and it will swim and be active. The second thing is to make the sound "empty" and not to smother the resonance. Only the cavity, the sound can fully vibrate, such as ringing the bell, ringing the bell, knocking on the crystal cup. The third thing is to make the sound "round", no matter how light it is, there can be not too many corners. This requires reducing the impact of the touch and increasing the roundness.

Level 4: Playfully interesting.

Music is a language system. Playing the piano is like talking, having sentences, punctuation, tone, commas, semicolons, periods, exclamation marks, question marks, ellipsis, quotation marks, and so on. The so-called "interesting", first of all, like recitation, like reciting, like singing, as the acting, fully express the voice, sentence, and tone of the music, and then further integrate into its own unique meaning, so that the music content is enriched and impressed the audience. The mind realizes communication and communication at the spiritual level.

In short, the sound of the piano is not the purpose of playing the piano. Every friend who learns the piano should first figure out what the music is saying, what is the content, and then express the meaning of the music through his own performance, play it accurately, play it well, play with content, play Exciting. In this way, we can get happiness from playing the piano and make people who listen to us play the piano happy.

I don't know if the students read the above article by Professor Zhao Xiaosheng. Do you think the request is a bit too high? Especially for the students who have just started to learn. The actual situation should be what Zhao Xiaosheng said, even if you just started to play the simplest Etude, even if it is a scale, voice, it can be musical, and where does music come from? At least it should be smooth, even, and a layer of fine, which is also the basic intention of solid foundation.


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