Like guitar materials, how to distinguish high-end?
- Oct 18, 2018 -

The materials of the guitar can be divided into different grades by the following methods.
1, intonation,
Intonation is the core problem.After adjusting and adjusting all the strings according to the tuning standard, the closer the guitar is to the standard, the higher the quality of the guitar.
2, feel
After getting the guitar, the left hand finger can easily press any note, horizontal press should not feel any effort.If you feel uncomfortable with the hand, the guitar is of poor quality and not up to par.
3, the sound quality
The sound volume of each string of the guitar is mild, the sound is sensitive, the treble is bright and pure, and the bass is deep and thick. After the string stops playing, the sound volume will not be significantly weakened.
In addition to the above points, the purchase of guitars should also be checked for details, such as: whether the gear of the string shaft is damaged;Whether the dorsal side plate has crack phenomenon or collision mark;Good adhesion at all joints;Whether the paint is bright or not;Whether the color of the piano is harmonious or not;Whether the silk is smooth, etc.

41 High-gloss Colourful Beginner Acoustic guitar (2)high-gloss colored strings student acoustic guitar (2)


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