Jazz drum some commonly used rhythm expression techniques
- Nov 26, 2018 -

Rhythm is an extremely important means of expression in music.Because it can not only and pitch, mode, tonality and other factors to form the music image, the expression of music thinking of the local factors - melody, but also has a relative independence, can express certain emotions alone.That is to say, pitch and other factors out of rhythm is unthinkable, and rhythm out of pitch but can play a role.
As a percussion instrument, the most basic and important performance means of jazz drum is rhythm. Rhythm is the soul of percussion and the beating heart of jazz drum "bang bang". Without it, the existence of jazz drum cannot be imagined.
Jazz drums have if high, medium, low complete voice, is the voice of these different parts, the use of different values formed instantaneous drum, other instruments can not be replaced by a rhythm organization.If further said, the performance of drumming is not only rhythm, but also the main rhythm. Rhythm and its reproduction of the special significance of rhythm, like the existence of two tripod general support if drumming.

7 PC Drum Set with Rack PVC Drum Set (2).jpg

7 PC Drum Set with Rack PVC Drum Set.jpg


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