Is there a difference between jazz drum and drum set?
- Nov 28, 2018 -

Set drums are jazz drums, but some countries call it differently.Drum sets not only play JAZZ, but also Rock n Roll and other popular forms.
Drum set generally consists of a bass drum, a tambourine, two to four tokk drums, one to two cymbals and a cymbals, etc., played with a stick or brush.
Bass drum, tramp cymbals and cymbals must have a cymbals, cymbals can have a, but two effects will be good, such as double cymbals, another two words are about one, with more flexible, and even some of the two cymbals specifications, timbre is not the same.Each drum that bangs away can be heard at a different pitch.
Basic structure of drum set
Set drums are composed of bass drums, cymbals, cymbals, festoons and cymbals.
The bass drum
Single mallet head with the right foot to play, double mallet head around the foot to play alternately, a little step method and pad step method and other methods of trampling.Jazz drum is the main low frequency timbre used to highlight rhythm and notches.When playing, the cymbals and cymbals form a basic rhythm frame. Different strength and frequency can express different rhythm styles.Is the jazz drum in the core part.
It is usually played with the left foot and right hand, sometimes alternately.In the performance, there are two main timbre, open cymbals and closed cymbals. When closed cymbals are used for beating time and decorating rhythm, open cymbals are used for rendering and incision.It's used in almost all styles.
嗵 drum
Hand over hand.There are usually three or four plumbs in which the pitch is kept from high to low.Because pitch is apparent, it is often used in playing with other Musical Instruments pitch, huachai part or to increase the rhythm of melody.
Generally, it is played with the left hand. When the content is complex and changeable and solo solo, the left and right hands play together or alternately. There are a lot of strike modes and strike positions, with side strike and peaceful strike as the main blows.As the most important medium frequency timbre in jazz drum, determines the style of drum set.
Cymbals/tinkling cymbals
Usually played with the right hand, it is used to fix the beat and render the atmosphere.Cymbals face sound crisp, cymbals hat sound bright.It plays a very important role in jazz performance.
Hanging tablets
Play alternately with your right hand and left hand. Strike the cymbals with a mallet, usually with a bass drum, to create a strong effect.Use the hammerhead to light the cymbals when rendering a soft atmosphere.


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