Is the tone piano the same as the harmonica?
- Nov 19, 2018 -

The tone piano is different from the harmonica.
Although the accordion and the harmonica belong to the same category in the classification of musical instruments, they belong to the free reed wind instrument. But the two are still very different.

Harmonica: Free reed sound instrument. It is a small wind instrument. The body is rectangular, its size and length are different, and there are many shapes. A common 24-hole double-cored harmonica is played with a natural scale. There are also bass harmonica, octave harmonica, chord harmonica, pitch harmonica and so on. The general length of the piano is about 16 to 20 centimeters. There are two rows of small square holes on the upper and lower sides. There are multiple sets of free-vibrating reeds. When the airflow is forced through, the flexible metal reed vibrates. All harmonica are pronounced by invoking or sucking air out of the vibrating reed, and moving back and forth, blowing different holes to make different sounds.

Accordion: It sounds like a harmonica. The volume of a tone piano can be compared to the volume of eight 24-hole harmonica. It has a keyboard like an organ and a piano, so it was given a name called a tone piano. The tone piano is a keyboard-type wind instrument with small size, good pitch and excellent melody

The tone organ is characterized by easy blowing (no need to suck), easy to learn, and a keyboard, which can be used to make any adjustment, so the transfer is very convenient. Harmonica can only play one tone because of its structural limitations.


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