How to play the 61-key keyboard?
- Sep 02, 2018 -

The 61 - key electronic organ is one kind of electronic organ, is the beginner chooses more electronic organ.

First, be in the right position: your arms are naturally relaxed, not overly stiff, your fingers curved, your palms arched, imagine the shape of an egg in your palm;The outer part of the thumb touches the keys, while the other four fingers touch the wrist to suspend naturally and cannot touch the keys.

61-Key Lighting Piano Keyboard.jpg

Next, the electronic organ consists of 5 groups of octaves +1 high do with different pitches.Starting from the first key on the left, find six different do's, and get familiar with the position of the central do, and go right until the next do is an octave.


Then, it is necessary to carry out the music reading practice to know the positions of different notes in the staff, and find them on the keys. The first line is added as the central do, and the upward pitch is raised successively

Ability to read and play music through simple exercises.The figure in the figure below is fingering, and the fingering practice should be strictly followed.


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