How do you know 61-Key Lighting Piano Keyboard?
- Aug 30, 2018 -

The 61-Key Lighting Piano Keyboard has six sets of keys, of which the first to fifth sets are complete, with 12 keys in each set, while the rightmost group is incomplete with only one C key.

61-Key Lighting Piano Keyboard.jpg

These six keys, from left to right:

Big group;

Small group;

Small print;

Small words;

Three small words;

Four small words.

Starting at the far left of the large block, the white key is C,D,E,F,G,A,B.

Electronic organ is a keyboard instrument, in fact, it is an electronic synthesizer.

The electronic organ adopts large-scale integrated circuit and is mostly equipped with sound memory memory (wave meter). It is used to store the true sound waveform of various Musical Instruments and output them when playing. The commonly used electronic organ is composed keyboard (with automatic accompaniment) and synthesizer (without automatic accompaniment). In the broad sense, electronic organ includes electronic piano (digital piano, different from electroacoustic piano), which is mostly composed by five lines, mostly by double line notation with high and low notes. Sometimes also used the middle tone spectrum and simple, guitar spectrum. Generally used in rock and roll.

The electronic organ used by beginners is usually 61 keys, most of which are in each piano line.

Also available are the popular or amateur electronic keyboard with 76 or 88 keys. This kind of piano is very common in various children electronic piano competitions in China. The most commonly used entry is medley's a800/ yamaha KB290, and the slightly better ones recommend psr-s650 /KORG Pa600/ medley A1000, and the better ones psr-s750 and Tyros, KORG's Pa3X.

Electronic piano upgrade is very fast, because electronic piano is also digital products, also need application data.


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