How do you choose a better electron?
- Aug 30, 2018 -

How do you choose a better electron?

Check the appearance: check whether the neck of the guitar is flat and straight, and whether there are cracks in the appearance, especially pay attention to the connection between the neck and the body.

Intonation check: the electric guitar is tuned to the standard tone, which can be tuned first with a tuner. When tuning the string, you should pay attention to whether the string is firmly wound around the shaft of the winder. After the first tuning, apply your hand to pull down the string a little bit and then adjust the tone again. After repeated several times, check whether the sound quality is consistent with the normal sound quality and whether it is easy to press the string.

Check the noise size: the electric guitars of imported brands are usually equipped with better strings. Wipe the rusty strings as far as possible when trying the guitar, and then connect the electric guitar to a better special guitar sound box. The noise is as low as possible when the hands do not touch the strings.


Finally check whether the electronic organ accessories are complete.

It is very important to buy a good brand. First of all, from the appearance to see whether beautiful, how the texture, and from a rational perspective the most important is wood. Can be judged from the color of wood, grain, etc. The wood commonly used to make the body of the guitar is Ash, Alder, Mahogany, Basswood, Maple and so on.

Wood characteristics are common:

  • Ash sound is clear and bright, usually light brown with deep and large grain. Usually not too heavy. Strats were configured, Telecaster.

  • The Alder is lighter than Ash, has rich timbre and resonates well at medium and low frequencies. It's also light brown with fine lines. Strats were configured, Telecaster.

  • Mahogany is a rather heavy wood with a rich, sweet tone, medium and low frequency. Usually reddish brown with black fine lines. Les Paul, PRS.

  • Basswood is a very light wood, white in color with almost no fine lines. The intermediate frequency is obviously his characteristic. Ibanez Jem series

  • Maple timbre is clear and bright with high frequency performance. But the weight is too heavy, usually with a thin layer attached to the Body (Top), which has beautiful lines. The usual ones are Flame, Quilted, Bird's.


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