Drum maintenance
- Oct 29, 2018 -

Make sure to fix
Wipe the drum parts before loading the drum. Such as sweat, water, beer or other liquids can shorten the life of the drum. The oil on the hand will erode the surface of the bract and will cause the bracts to lose their luster. When loading or unloading the drums, it is only necessary to wipe them with a towel, which will protect them. Check all the parts to make sure they are all in good condition. You need to replace the mattresses frequently to ensure that the screws that hold the cymbals are well screwed onto the truss.
The hi-hat racks and the hi-hat pedals require constant lubrication over a period of time to keep them in good motion. If some springs have a harsh "Oops" sound, then you have to replace them.
Drum skin care
Keep the drum skin elastic
The "lower skin" can generally be used for a long time, but the "upper drum" is not necessarily the case. If possible, it is recommended to change the "upper drum" frequently to maintain its elasticity and good hand. Frequent use of dilapidated drumheads not only does not have a tone, but also ruins the handle.


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