Do you know the difference between an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar?
- Oct 25, 2018 -

Everyone knows that guitars are divided into acoustic guitars (a folk guitars and classical guitars) and electric guitars. They have different sounds in addition to their different constructions.
The sound of an acoustic guitar is natural, and the electric guitar is not only different from its own sound, but also can be used to match the sound of an electric guitar with something called an effect (specially dealing with guitar sounds).
Electric Guitar

This is because the electric guitar and the acoustic guitar have different sounding principles. The electric guitar converts the vibration wave of the guitar string into electromagnetic waves by cutting the magnetic field lines through the pickup coil, and is transmitted by the speaker (horn) through the wire to the power amplifier.
The acoustic guitar is the acoustic guitar that the string vibration wave transmits to the guitar's own panel through the string code, resonates through the guitar resonance box (the body), and sounds from the sound hole on the panel. We call it an acoustic instrument.

wooden guitar

In terms of performance, in addition to the special use of electric guitars, the acoustic guitar is basically applicable to electric guitars. Therefore, for beginners, it is recommended to start with an acoustic guitar and then consider playing an electric guitar, because electric guitars require more vocal knowledge.

Now there is a shunt in the acoustic guitar called the fingering genre, using a guitar to use a variety of techniques to play the music. It can be said that a guitar is equivalent to a band.
Electric guitars are more used in band performances, which are dominated by guitars and rhythm guitars. For guitar lovers, they love their beloved guitars.



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