Common types of accordion
- Jun 21, 2018 -

Portals-type accordion (or Yang): Both right-hand and portals accordion. Divided into B system and C system, B system piano The first row of the first white Shan is B, the C system piano on the right first row of the first Bai Ying for C sound. B system in Russia more widely circulated, C system in Europe more.

And our country these two kinds of system's harp is more popular.

Keyboard accordion:

The right hand is the piano keyboard form with 12 average law structure, the left hand is the portals accordion. The portals and keyboard accordion are divided into traditional bass basses and dual systems to transform the free bass. Traditional bass bass refers to its left hand bass only a group of basses, the same tone just repeat this sound, all bass only in a eight degree. Dual system convertible Free low harp is the left-handed bass structure and the free bass structure, which is transformed by a transformation button. The left-handed bass is converted into a free subwoofer structure, which can play several eight-degree tones, improving the performance of the accordion.

The right hand keyboard has 13 kinds of timbre.

Electronic accordion (or MIDI accordion) The use of digital technology, can achieve a variety of sound effects and special effects of the accordion, usually has a MIDI interface can be connected to a variety of external devices.

Some electronic accordion with strength induction keyboard, not only through the control of the bellows, but also with the touch of the strength to control strength.

Bandoni accordion (or class multi-button accordion) Developed from the German hexagonal accordion, it is popular in South America and is mainly used to perform tango music. The Piazzola, known as the "Father of the Tango", is a leader.


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