Accordion origin
- Jun 21, 2018 -

1777, the Chinese instrumental Music "Sheng" by the Italian missionary Amoit father to Europe, then began to appear in Europe some of the former accordion musical instruments, but they mostly failed to take shape will be eliminated. The actual hand-pulled organ was made by the German Derrick Busman (Friedrdch buschman,1805-1864) in 1821 with the mouth-blowing of the lyre, and 1822 on the piano with the addition of hand-controlled bellows and portals, later, the Austrian Cirilles Demian (cyrillus Demian 1772-1847) on the basis of Boothman, set at that time the accordion of the various predecessor instruments of the great success, successfully improved the creation of the world's first named accordion accordion. Until today, the name accordion is still used around the world.


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