Finished 40'' Acoustic Guitar Basswood Plywood

Finished 40'' Acoustic Guitar Basswood Plywood

We are Finished 40'' Acoustic Guitar Basswood Plywood manufacturers,suppliers. We will provide you with quality service, we can also customize Acoustic guitar carry bag, look forward to working with you sincerely, if you need, please feel free to contact us, thank you.

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Product Details



Top:basswood plywood

Back/sides:basswood plywood


Binding:white abs

Product description: fingerboard/bridge:dyed maple

Product description:

Finished 40'' Acoustic Guitar Basswood Plywood, medium build and easy to carry, is suitable for children and beginners to travel sing. The best choice for million of guitar lovers ,which can take you into the classical music hall. 

Finished 40'' Acoustic Guitar Basswood Plywood

The whole basswood body and neck deliver sound that perfect for jazz and classical music. It shows penetrating power and hold out the outstanding resonance.Adhering to the Spanish oblique plug-in technology, contact the neck and the body directly , making the sound particularly stable. Pass a pure voice, the sound is more expression of more expressive.
Exquisite designed, the design of the acoustic guitar head is beautiful and generous; semi-closed metal heads, resistance to oxidation and prolong the life of the guitar head, better tuning tone and stable intonation;The nylon strings mellow soft, do not hurt hands.
Guitar Package :Waterproof gig bag. Perfect for beginner students or a young player, started on this beautiful instrument will have a good chance of loving the guitar.
Best service:  24 Hours friendly customer service ! You can rest assured to buy our productsFinished 40'' Acoustic Guitar Basswood Plywood.

Trendy attaches great importance to product design and quality.  The high quality wood chosen by the guitar craftsmen is given a good performance and an extended quality on the guitar.

The integration of a number of exquisite processes including wet and dry treatment, natural air drying makes the stability and longevity of wood greatly enhance the sound more beautiful and expressive.
Manual polishing and fine treatment, meticulous product silk chamfer radian Let the play feel more comfortable, more smooth natural, further optimize the sense of control and comfortable.

Thanks for your Accessing.

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