Colourful Acoustic Guitar For Students

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Product Details

Product parameters :

Item No. YAG-4150
Size 41 inch
Top Spruce
Back & Side Poplar
Neck Manhgany
Nut&Saddle ABS
Color 4 colors
Finishing Satin
OEM,ODM Welcome

Product parameters:

Neck design
Round head - type semi - closed knob, to strengthen protection, adjust sound stability.Not easy to run sound, can be repeated for a long time.
Refers to the version of the design.
The use of selected rosewood, sound transmission is good.Durable.Pantone silk, high polish, deburr, no scraping hand.
The sound hole design
Adopt fashion simple Mosaic decoration, simple with light color, dedicated design.
Head and strings
The bridge adopts the selected rosewood, which is firm and not easy to be deformed, and sticks firmly with the faceplate, and plays better effects. The strings are elaborately made, with sound details and strong tensile force, which is not easy to be out of tune. The strings are comfortable and soft and comfortable to play.
The face is made of wood
Linden wood, with oil, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, not cracking, fine grain, easy to process, toughness, use of working guitar panels, a wide range of sound, sound clean and transparent.
Basswood back plate
The back board is made of basswood, the cabinet is strictly controlled, the treble is bright, the middle tone is clean, and the bass is strong.



Acoustic guitar maintenance:

To keep the instrument clean, the instrument itself should be polished and, if necessary, cleaned with a wood stain remover (made specifically for wooden instruments).
Keep out of the sun and away from humidity. Generally, guitar instruments should be kept away from direct sunlight for a long time.If the fire is not possible, in a word to avoid high temperature.In addition, humidity will also affect the tone of the guitar, and even seriously, the glue can't be played. If it rains, please wipe it with dry cloth immediately after going home, so as to avoid any changes in the sound caused by water immersion in the guitar body.
Avoid collisions, such as going out to a show or a trip, it is best to buy a case, so as not to break the guitar.In addition, the case will be of great benefit to the maintenance of the instrument.
If you do not use a guitar for a long time, you should loosen the strings, so as to avoid the deformation of the strings due to long-term stress.If you are a beginner to classical guitar, you can not loose the strings, because most of the classical guitar is nylon string, do not loose for a long time will not bend the handle.
Occasionally add a bit of oil to the string button teeth to maintain its rotation, but also to prevent rust.
Do not scribble on the guitar panel or change the color of the body at will, which can have an adverse effect on the sound quality of the guitar itself.

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