Popular New Electronic keyboard

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Product Details

Stunning, extreme, detonating music energy with technology

Detailed technical parameters:

Appearance: Extremely simple, space alloy integrated molding and precision circuit mosaic technology create a super slim appearance

Keyboard: Imitation ivory material key structure, including force response, force switch (ON/OFF), clever key stroke design, smooth touch sensitivity, comfortable and natural feel, making the performance natural

Screen display: Full color advanced OLED display screen, advanced visual effects

Audio source: The latest DREAM audio source, dynamic source sampling technology, piano audio source, traditional stage performance level-3 grand piano

Polyphony number: 128 (stereo)

Tone: 128 high-quality tones, including 128GM standard tones, including grand piano, electric piano, carillon, church organ, nylon guitar, violin, string ensemble, trumpet, saxophone, flute, banjo, and a group of percussion

Rhythm: 100 automatic accompaniment styles around the world, including rich track accompaniment; control automatic accompaniment chords

Songs: 88 songs, rich demo songs, classic music library, multiple styles, looping

DSP effect: Professional-grade DSP effect, including reverb, chorus, vibrato and other effects

Functions:Power switch, tone selection, rhythm selection, demo song, transposition, volume adjustment +/-, accompaniment volume adjustment +/-, speed +/-, digital +/-, recording, playback, direct selection of grand piano, fermata, vibrato, metronome, start/stop, prelude /coda, insert, sync, chord switch, percussion

Dual tone: Superimposed tone, piano playing with string background sound

Keyboard separation: Including keyboard splitting and dual piano, allow double play to achieve multiple combinations.

Transposition: 25 levels (0, -/+12)

Rhythm control: Start/stop (press and hold for sync start), prelude /coda/, A/insert

Metronome: Ticks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 according to the beat; beat speed: 20-280

Sound recording: Multi-track recording, sequencer function, sound recording and playback, USB TO HOST recording reaches 16-channel 64-track recording, unlimited song recording

Pedal function: Fermata pedal, including external pedal interface

USB MIDI interface: USB MIDI computer interface, MIDI composition, support 16 channels, MIDI (0&1 format), GM international standard, achieving rapid system upgrade

Interface: USB MIDI (MIDI IN/OUT), power interface, pedal interface, headphone output (can be used a alinea output), linear input interface

Audio system: Surrounding stereo advanced audio system

MIDI keyboard: Arrangement and orchestration can be realized by connecting to the computer via USB to facilitate the needs of the composers.

GM standard audio source: The application effect of GM standard audio source can be realized in the MIDI state by connecting to the computer via USB

Rated power: Input 9V adapter input, or use the USB interface to power the mobile phone

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