61- Key Standard electronic keyboard

61- Key Standard electronic keyboard

Our company is 61- Key Standard electronic keyboard , supplier and manufacturer of electronic organ.

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Product Details

61- Key YK829 Standard electronic keyboard 

8 chord volume levels, A and B booting, 1/4 inch output jack.

61 standard piano keys, LCD, keyboard percussion / 8 percussion instruments.

128 rhythm 128 voice, 12 - dimensional demo song, automatic chord and chord timbre function.

Finger chord function, start/stop synchronization, fill function, maintain and trill.

Volume: main volume/Accom volume/speed control, and start/stop/sync/fill function.

Functions: it has the functions of recording and playing at the same time. The product is very portable with a size of 930 x 340 x 110 (mm). It is equipped with dc 12v, ac adapter and music player(excluding Udisk).

Transposed function: audio input jack/phone/output jack.



Correct clean:

There will be some dust in the process of using and placing the electronic organ. When cleaning the organ, please turn off the power supply first. Don't use excessive moisture and chemical dissolve scrubbing swabs.

Good habit:

Before and after playing the electronic piano should develop a good habit of washing hands and manicure to keep the electronic piano clean and personal hygiene. Do not eat or drink water during the process of playing the piano to avoid food and water entering the key gaps. Do not put heavy objects on the keys and keys, in case the keys fail. Pay attention to oh!

Save items:

When not using the electronic organ for a long time, the power should be unplugged and the battery inside the electronic organ should be taken out (if there is a battery) to prevent the battery liquid from leaking and damaging the circuit board. Reset the function keys and switch on the keyboard. To put a harpsichord in a harpsichord case or case.


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