61-Key digital Standard Piano Electronic Keyboard

61-Key digital Standard Piano Electronic Keyboard

For 61-Key YK-2102 Standard Piano electronic keyboard, we have a professional manufacturing team, we are 61-Key K-2102 Standard Piano electronic keyboard manufacturer, wholesaler, manufacturer.

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Product Details

61-Key YK-2102 Standard Piano electronic keyboard

Function introduction:

  • With Music Player (USB Flash Disk (not included) )

  • LED Display

  • 255 Timbres / 255 Rhythms

  • 50 Demonstration Songs / Keyboard Percussion

  • Master Volume / Accom Volume / Tempo Control 

  • Start/Stop / Sync / Fill-in

  • Single Chord / Fingered Chord

  • Rhythm Programming Function / Record & Playback

  • Sustain / Vibrato

  • One-key / Follow / Ensemble

  • Udisk Jack / MIC Jack

  • Audio Input Jack / Phone/Output Jack

  • Product Dimensions: 930 x 304 x 93 (mm)

  • Power Supply: 6“AA” Batteries (Not Included) /  

  • DC 9V / AC Adaptor 


working principle:

Modern keyboards typically use a PCM sampled sound source. The so-called sampling is to record the sound of the instrument, digitize it and store it in ROM or FLASH, then press the button to play back the sound when the CPU or DSP chip. There are even some advanced arranger keyboards that can use external sampling (such as the Tyros 3's hard drive sound). Modern keyboards are not "imitation" instrument sounds. It uses real instrument sounds. Of course, the force sensing is a must in the keyboard. Modern waveform memory keyboards still have filters and oscillators that can also be used to create and edit sounds by envelope control. Even the FM synthesis mechanism of the old electronic keyboard was added or software simulated on the hardware circuit. Today's electronic keyboards are no longer the same. Many 3000~6000 keyboards support more features. For example, Yamaha's PSR-S650 supports full XG and GS sound sources, and has a mega-tone with real instrumental techniques. 16M can be loaded into the sample. Read and write ROM, as well as sequencer, accompaniment production. More convenient for live performance and music production.

Special attention should be paid to the following points when using the electronic organ:

Buy back from the store electronic piano, do not be anxious to use, should check with the piano accompanying "instruction manual" first. In particular, some of my friends bought the electronic organ from abroad. As the market power of some countries is different from that of China (Japan 110V), we must carefully read the safety precautions in the operation manual.

Careful handling

The portable electronic organ is also one of the reasons that it is favored by music lovers. Therefore, in the process of transportation, it should pay attention to avoid the erosion of rain and external impact, and it should be protected with a special set and case.

The environmental impact

The electronic organ is composed of many sophisticated electronic components. Changes in the external environment will cause the failure of the electronic components, thus affecting the normal performance of the electronic organ function.


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