61-key lighting piano electronic keyboard piano

61-key lighting piano electronic keyboard piano

For 61-Key YK-2108 Lighting Piano electronic keyboard, we have a professional manufacturing team, we are 61-Key AK-2108 Lighting Piano electronic keyboard manufacturer, wholesaler, manufacturer.

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Product Details

61-Key YK-2108 Lighting Piano Electronic Keyboard

  •  With Music Player (USB Flash Disk (not included) )

  •  LED Display

  •  255 Timbres / 255 Rhythms

  •  50 Demonstration Songs / Keyboard Percussion

  •  Master Volume / Accom Volume / Tempo Control 

  •  Start/Stop / Sync / Fill-in

  •  Single Chord / Fingered Chord

  •  Rhythm Programming Function / Record & Playback

  •  Sustain / Vibrato / Key Lighting

  •  One-key / Follow / Ensemble

  •  Udisk Jack / MIC Jack

  •  Audio Input Jack / Phone/Output Jack

  •  Product Dimensions: 930 x 304 x 93 (mm)

  •  Power Supply: 6“AA” Batteries (Not Included) /  

  •  DC 9V / AC Adaptor


61-Key Lighting Piano electronic keyboard


61-Key YK-2108 Lighting Piano electronic keyboard

Single row keyboard:

The modern modern arranger keyboard has an automatic accompaniment function. The arranging keyboard at more than 5,000 price can not only accurately and truly transform the automatic accompaniment of the accompaniment, the accompaniment system includes 4 main and inserted phrase segments, 2-3 pre-made intros and endings, and also has a long Sound function. The long sound function provides a mechanism for playing short melody or sound effects. If the piano has a long sound function, you can record the sound effect or the sub melody before playing. You can call up the sub melody with one click while playing. This can make the music more colorful, because people only have one hand, can not take care of chords, main melody and vice melody at the same time, although the chord recognition can be turned into a full keyboard, but there is still no way to fully take care of it. The low-cost electronic keyboard has a registered memory function almost everywhere. The registration memory function can set the accompaniment style, long sound and tone, and harmony type of a certain piece before the performance. When you play it, you can switch it easily with one click. Let the show no longer be in a hurry. The song editing and accompaniment editing functions make the accompaniment more dynamic. With the help of these functions, one can rely on a single-row keyboard to independently complete the true effect of a band. You can't even tell the audience to be a band or a single player.

Modern arranger keyboards also have enhanced instrumental features. Some special sounds are automatically added to the instrument's characteristics when playing. Such as guitar change, damper noise and automatic portamento. The breathing of the saxophone players, etc., will add more real details to the music.

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