32 Key Accordion Key Electronic Keyboard

32 Key Accordion Key Electronic Keyboard

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Product Details

product description:

Model Number:YK6682

32 key accordion key

LCD display

128 tones and 128 rhythms. 30 foreign name model music jukebox

Main volume control, rhythm, volume, tempo, speed control

Three commonly used tone selection, digital selection

Rhythm start and insert function

The metronome, vibrato, portamento, keyboard percussion

Recording and reproducing

DC input interface, stereo headphone output interface

charging power supply interface, 9V battery

Keyboard maintenance and care

The 32 Key Accordion Key Electronic Keyboard is both a musical instrument and a sophisticated electric appliance. The number of components of an advanced keyboard is several times higher than that of a color TV. Therefore, in addition to accurately grasping their functions, we must also pay attention to the reasonable maintenance of the usual, only in this way, in order to make your keyboard often youthful, play a multi-colored sound.

1. Before using the keyboard, you should carefully check the voltage and frequency of the keyboard, whether it matches the power supply voltage and frequency indicated in the manual, and then use it.

2. The keyboard should be kept away from heat or direct sunlight during use, and away from the radiator and air conditioner to prevent the shell from being deformed, aged or discolored.

3, the keyboard should pay attention to moisture, so as to avoid the rust or corrosion of the inductance or contact point in the circuit after the damp, resulting in poor contact or power failure. It is best to use the rainy weather frequently, because the electronic components emit heat when they are energized, which can accelerate the evaporation of water and reduce the humidity of the air.

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