61 Keys Digital Piano With Keyboard Playing Luminescence System

61 keys digital piano with keyboard playing luminescence system has a features large screen. This style is very popular among most forein markets beacuase of its fashion appearance, super stereo sound quality and superior quality. We are a professional supplier for more than 15 years in the markets.

Product Details

61 keys digital piano with keyboard playing luminescence system 

YDP-5100 is our new Chinese digital piano with four upgrades, worlde digital piano

Product Description:

*Model No.: YDP-5100
*keyboard playing luminescence system
*LCD multi-function display

*Features large screen, blue backlight

*500 kinds of vast sound, rich and professional
*300 dynamic rhythms, 40 selection models

*MP3 U disk playback system

*Apperance: Fashion & Modern 

*Function: Teaching system, single key, following, singing, ensemble. Intelligent teaching; APP connection


More Description:

*YDP-5100 electronic keyboard piano has automatic bass chord control, single finger and multi finger chord patterns
*MP3 U disk playback system has better teaching systerm and following.
*Master volume, volume, rhythm and tempo control, chord volume, transpose control
*Double tone, vibrato, sustain, metronome, keyboard percussion,keyboard light control switch
*Recording system, playback function
*DC socket, stereo headphone output, microphone input, audio input and output, USB, MIDI, U disk interfac

Company Profile:

Hot Pepper is a brand that include development, manufacture and marketing sales. Our digital piano factory has over 15 years of manufacturing experience, many maturity major models that tested years on market, annual output over 50000 units. All the models has adjustable 88 action hammer keys, the sound source and super sound chips are both from forgein. Aishen has hundreds of thousands customer global and they are all emprise by our product’s quality. We are looking forward to have cooperation with you!

Packing & Delivery:

*The first layer of packaging: The digital piano in accordance with each part of the classification into the waterproof bag, the use of tape fixed.

*Second layer packaging: Into the thickened paper shell, built-in use of foam shock, and reinforcement, to prevent falling in the transport.

*Loading and delivery :After the packaging is good, by the warehousing person in charge of inspection, arrangements for the person responsible for loading the library to ensure the accuracy and integrity of each cargo.

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